Developed projects

This section contains a list of projects I developed, as well as free for training in the front-end, and paid for specific needs.
Calculator on JS

One of the simplest calculators, developed on JavaScript (39 lines in total). As well as markup the key is styled using Flexbox (25 lines of html and 43 lines of css code). To view the code, you can go to page with calculator and look in the browser inspector.

Beautiful animation (jQuery)
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Module "Additional photo of the goods in the catalog at the time of hovering 1.1" (Opencart 2.X-3.0)

You can find out more about the module here: or OpenCartForum

The script on javascript, which allows you to stretch the block in a container for the entire width of the window

A universal script that calculates the width of the window without scrolling and the width of the container and its indentation. Further, the matter of arithmetic. You just need to replace the container selector and the block selector that needs to be stretched :) Go to page
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The library is taken from CMS Opencart, a very convenient tool for connecting PHP - MySQL. Connection instructions and examples on GitHub Go to GitHub